European Square, 27…1957-2007

Dear ….

We contact you on behalf of our artists association, « d’Anvers aux Abbesses », based in the famous Montmartre neighbourhood of Paris.

Within the context of Europe 50th anniversary in 2007 (Rome treaty signature), we take part in the celebration in organizing a serie of events for which we wish to invite 26 artists from other European Associations.

The key moment will be beginning October 2007, during the “Nuit Blanche” event (translate “Sleepless Night”) where all European artists will be occupying for a night the existing parisian “Place de l’Europe” (European Square) and organize a big building site. In this way, each artist will give his own interpretation of what being European means today.

Apart from this event, and in the frame of « 2008 inter-european dialog » the intention is to build a strong artist exchange program, with the participation of associations of each country.

We would be grateful, if you could help us finding contacts of relevant artist associations in your country, preferably in the europeans capital cities and artists within multidisciplinary association.

In case you are an artist or belong to an association, please contact us quickly in order to submit your application.

For more information about “27, Place de L’Europe Project” and Anvers Aux Abbesses regular events, please refer to attached file or website

Anvers aux Abbesses

We wish to thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Best regards,

Claire Mathieu – Netherlands, , Lituania, Poland, Lettony, UK, Slovaquia

Elisabeth Bruley - Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Czech

Séverine Bourguignon – Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Greece, Romania

Frank Magnier – Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia

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